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Deeply we remember you, we pray for you, almighty Allah may grant you Jannat.

Shilpi Sowkat Jahan   2019-05-01 12:16:02

A legendary son of the soil, without whose dedication in Paint sector could not be flourished. I am lucky enough to start my career in his enterprise and about to finish with it, In Sha Allah.

Abul Kalam Azad   2019-05-01 11:44:14

We pray to Allah to give you peach for your soul and Jannah in the akherat.

Rafique A. Majumder   2019-05-01 12:24:17

Late Seraj Uddin Ahmed was a man of vision and action. He gave millage to the country thinking Banking, Chemical, Export Import, Trading, Garment, Steel etc Industries. His contribution now a days is a source of lively hood of Thousands of peoples. May Allah give many Seraj Uddin Ahmed in Bangladesh. May Allah forgive him and grant him Jannatul Ferdous. Ameen

G M Omar Faruque Chowdhury   2019-05-01 12:32:47

Almighty Allah may grant him Jannat.

Manjur Alam Bhuiyan   2019-05-01 12:40:27

May Dada be happy and get a place in Jannat. May the soul rest in peace.Ameen

Moin   2019-05-01 12:47:45

May the Almighty Allah rest the departed soul of Mr Seraj Uddin Ahmed in eternal peace. May Allah bless us all.

Brig Gen Mohammad Shamsuzzaman   2019-05-01 13:30:09

Great personality, source of inspiration for many people of the society immediately after liberation of Bnagladesh. The was the greatest contributor Tea exports to earn foreign exchange for the country. I was a food fan of Mr. Siraj uddin Ahmed. .I carried his body to the grave. I pray for him Jannah.

Muslim Uddin , Unilever Bangladesh X   2019-05-01 13:13:06

He was our neighbour in Lalkhan Bazar and family friend in the 50s.A great soul Seraj bhai is a pioneer of business and industries in Chittagong and Bangladesh

Prof. Háyat Hussain   2019-05-01 13:46:36

Late Mr. Siraj Uddin Ahmed was big hearted and famous figure in Chittagong. i pray for him to jannat.

Mohammad Nazim Uddin   2019-05-01 14:24:18

May the Almighty Allah rest the departed soul of Mr Seraj Uddin Ahmed in eternal peace. May Allah bless us all.

   2019-05-01 14:35:34

We wish rest in Peace of Late Seraj Uddin Ahmed. We also pray happy life of his family.

Mohammed Yakub, Asian SR Hotel   2019-05-01 14:39:59

Today the 1st May, 2019,34th death anniversary of my mentor,my guide and inspiration Mr Seraj uddin Ahmed. I recall my memory down to 1968 when I was chosen by him to work for him as an Asstt. Chemist. The time went by and I was given more and more responsibilities which I carried out to his satisfaction.After liberation in 1971 I was given the total responsibility of the factory. It was challenging but under his guidance it was not difficult for me. We had an excellent relationship and understanding. So many memories are coming up but how many I can write? How many people knows that he was a freedom fighter? Well I worked with him for long 7years when I find him as good social worker, a dynamic industrialist and a man of commitment. It is my privilege that after so many years I am again serving his company which reminds my past again and again. I whole heartedly pray for that the Almighty Allah grant him the best place in Heaven.

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